India has witnessed the highest rates of extended-spectrum β – lactamase (ESBL) –producing organisms in the world

Faropenem is stable against group 2b beta lactamases, TEM1, SHV-1, group 2be beta lactamases, TEM 3 & TEM 9

99.9% of Indian urologists believe Faropenem is very effective to Extremely effective in UTIs.
TEM1, SHV-1 & CTX-1 is the enzyme produced by pathogen

• TEM is a contraction of Temoniera, the name of a patient from whom resistant bacteria were isolated.

• SHV is a contraction of sulphydryl variable: a description of the biochemical properties of β-lactamase.

• CTX-1 was so called because it conferred resistance to cefotaxime.

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