A warm welcome to our website. Here at Stef-pharmaceutical, we provide useful information from eating healthy vegetables and fruits to educating you with information on drugs and creams/ointments you are using. Also educational blogs on health issues, poisoning or overdose and most importantly our distribution service where we take your orders for pharmaceutical products and deliver to your doorstep.

Stef-pharmaceutical is launching next month 2020 by two friends Nitin and Stefeena. Nitin with a degree in medicine chemistry and 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry while I joined the industry 2 years ago. Our website idea came about from joking with each other then suddenly Nitin thought that our experiences and knowledge together can make a successful venture hence “Stef-pharmaceutical”. We work from two countries but are based in India, where our distribution service is available. We aim to provide quality, reliable and affordable services. Also in the coming future we seek to expand the distribution service to other countries.

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